Petrochemical Storage

Changzhi high tech Zone Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Shanxi Chenggong Investment Group Co., Ltd. the company was established in January 2002. Its registered address is No. 2, Chengbei street, Changzhi City (Science and Trade Park, high tech Zone). Its registered capital is 30.66 million yuan. Its legal representative is Guo Jian. The company type is a limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural persons). It is now a subsidiary of Shanxi Chenggong Investment Group Co., Ltd.

The oil products stored and operated by Changzhi high tech Zone Petrochemical Co., Ltd. include gasoline, diesel (the above two include storage), kerosene, naphtha and fuel oil (flash point < 60 ℃) (the above three do not include storage) wholesale (the above items are subject to the scope and period approved by the license). According to the catalogue of hazardous chemicals (2015 Edition), gasoline, diesel, kerosene, naphtha (flash point < 60 ℃) and fuel oil are listed as hazardous chemicals. Therefore, Changzhi high tech Zone Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a business unit of hazardous chemicals, and the oil depot belongs to class IV oil depot.

At present, the oil depot 1-5# tank (diesel tank) is in the state of leasing. Welcome all partners to negotiate.

Equipment and facilities:

1. The total reserve is 12000m3, and gasoline and diesel are now stored. The tank farm is equipped with 4 1000 m3 vertical fixed roof diesel tanks, 2 2000 m3 vertical fixed roof diesel tanks and 2 2000 m3 vertical inner floating roof gasoline tanks

2. There are 14 sets of train oil unloading crane positions, one railway oil unloading trestle and one unloading (auxiliary) oil pump shed; There are 4 groups of oil payment cranes (6 groups of diesel and 4 groups of gasoline) in the highway oil payment area

3. One fire pump house and one 800m3 semi underground fire pool are used for fire water in the reservoir area

4. The auxiliary production area is equipped with distribution room and oil depot dry-type transformer (10kV / 0.4kV, capacity 50KVA)

5. The oil depot is equipped with a control room, which is connected with DCS and SIS systems and a combustible gas probe with audible and visual alarm function