Coal Mine

Weiwei Taihang and Mianmian zhangshui. In this fertile, beautiful land full of coal resources, Shanxi Changzhi Liansheng Coal Industry Investment Co., Ltd. was officially established on December 18, 2009 and is subordinate to Shanxi Chenggong Investment Group Co., Ltd. with the reply of Jinmei restructuring (2009) No. 127 document and the registration of Shanxi Administration for industry and commerce.

Four branches (coal mines) under Liansheng company supervise a Shanbao coal mine, with a total mine area of 19.8529km2 and a design production capacity of 4.5 million tons / year. It is approved to mine coal seams 3-15. Coal seam 3 belongs to high-quality civil lean coal with low ash, ultra-low sulfur and high calorific value, and coal seams 9 and 15 belong to high-quality electric coal with low ash, medium sulfur and high calorific value. Coal mining, tunneling, electromechanical, transportation, ventilation, safety and risk avoidance systems and other equipment of all mines have reached the domestic middle and upper reaches level. Coal mining and tunneling adopt comprehensive mechanized production technology, which is in the forefront of the domestic coal industry.

Institutional setting

Liansheng company is equipped with the management team of chairman, general manager and deputy general manager in charge of discipline, and has set up six departments, seven offices, one room and one section. The subordinate coal mines and the supervised Shanbao coal mines have complete institutional staffing, and have set up nine production functional departments and six ground service departments.

System construction

After years of work accumulation, Liansheng company and its subordinate coal mines have adhered to the fundamental principles of rigorous logic, clear rights and responsibilities and conforming to the actual situation of the enterprise, gradually formed a complete enterprise management system, improved and improved the safety production responsibility system of each post, continuously revised the safety management system, summarized various management regulations of the company and formed the management system compilation of Liansheng company, Continuously improve the "management measures for the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in work safety and the listing and supervision of major hidden dangers" and the "hidden danger responsibility investigation system" to provide institutional guarantee for safety management.

Talent team construction

Adhere to people-oriented, pay attention to talent reserve and strengthen the construction of talent echelon. In recent years, Liansheng company has continuously introduced high-tech and high-quality talents from large coal groups and colleges and universities. At the same time, it cooperates with Changzhi coal vocational and technical college to actively cultivate professional and technical talents. At present, there are more than 2800 on-the-job employees, more than 2300 employees with technical secondary school education or above, and more than 223 employees with primary professional titles or above, forming a young workforce full of cohesion, appeal and combat effectiveness.