Coal Sale

Shanxi Chenggong Coal Distribution Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned holding company of Chenggong group, was established in 1998 and is fully responsible for the coal transportation and marketing business of the group. It has three subordinate trading companies, Shanxi Chenggong unified distribution Coal Sales Co., Ltd., Shanxi Chenggong group coal transportation and Marketing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo chichang Coal Sales Co., Ltd. Three railway delivery stations. Renjiazhuang coal transportation station, eldest son nannengtou shipping station, dongtianliang shipping station, a highway transportation company. The annual shipping capacity of coal is 7 million tons. It enjoys outstanding reputation and reputation in the national coal system. The company's customers are concentrated in electric power, chemical industry, steel, cement and other industries. The main customers include Chinalco Zhongzhou Branch, Henan Mengdian group, Huadian Xinxiang Power Generation Co., Ltd., Hebi Fenghe Power Generation Co., Ltd., Hebi Tongli Power Generation Co., Ltd., Huadian Qudong Power Generation Co., Ltd., Tongli Cement Co., Ltd., Datang Power Co., Ltd.

Renjiazhuang coal terminal was identified as a strategic loading point by Zhengzhou Railway Bureau in 2007, with a total of 3 tracks and 180 cargo spaces. The total storage capacity is 500000 tons. The whole train can be loaded within one hour. The station has three self owned vehicles, including two K18BK self owned vehicles with 97 sections. The first phase of Shangdang District Railway Comprehensive Logistics Port led by the company has a design railway shipping capacity of 10 million tons. The pre feasibility study of the project has been completed. The delivery station of nannengtou logistics park, the eldest son invested by the company, has a coal storage capacity of 200000 tons. The annual shipping capacity is 3 million tons. The pre feasibility study of the project has been completed.