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   V (value):The Victory Group's staff, regardless of what position, administration, production, safety, quality, each employee should be through their own working practice for companies to create their own unique contribution as an expression of their own value.

   I(integrity):The Victory Group's staff, play legitimate, frank with each other. All things insist the principle, dare to struggle against acts of violation and destruction of enterprise interests; dealing with problems from the enterprise interests, impartially .

   C (commitment):The Victory Group's staff, to have a career without seeking reward dedication of love and devotion to pay.Love and duty as a career to complete from a little fun. Strive to do every thing, seriously treat every individual and dedication to service.

   T (trustable):The Victory Group's staff, need to trust each other, rely on each other. Since everyone into Victory Group and become to colleague, is a kind of luck. Only with our mutual trust, just can make this big family harmony.

   O (optimistic):The Victory Group's staff, no matter encounter what difficulties and problems ,should maintain optimistic attitude. Optimistic attitude can give us active, positive influence , encourage enterprises to continue move forward.

   R (responsibility):The Victory Group's staff, should have the courage to assume ,to take responsible, which come from a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility. Without the noble pursuit, not spirited up mental state, not those who sacrifice their selfless spirit, then could not be victory.

   Y(youth):The Victory Group's staff should always keep the passion and vitality. The development time of Victory Group is not very long, main employees are young people. Make the employees keeping the passion and vitality, is the source of power for continuing development and expansion of enterprise.

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