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      Shanxi Victory General Aviation Service Co., Ltd.'s main base is located in Shanxi Datong dongwangzhuang Airport. Obtained business license issued by the North China Civil Aviation Bureau on December 12, 2012.On January 30, obtained Commercial non-transport aviation operators run the certificate and operations specifications from Civil Aviation of China Shanxi Security Administration.As an enterprise ,was approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China,the company has one unit of CESSNA 560XL business aircraft, one unit of CESSNA Caravan 208B aircraft, and four units of Hafei Y-12Пaircraft,and were keeping bring new models of civil air crafts and equipments according to the market demands .

   Business Scope:

      A:Business flight, private or commercial pilot driver's license training, aircraft escrow business, rental flight, general aviation charter flights, artificial precipitation, medical service,aerial prospecting,air travel.

      B:Aerial photography,meteorological observation,aerial advertising,urban fire control,aerial inspections.

      C:aerial seeding, aerial fertilization, aerial spraying plant growth regulator, air weeding, prevention of the diseases and insect pests of agriculture and forestry, sport aviation training flight, the flight of aviation sports performances,personal entertainment flight.

   fleet situation:

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