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      In the automotive industry, Victory Group completed optimize the layout of the R&D, production to sales, and technological innovation as the core of the national auto industry policy-oriented, meticulous management as a means of upstream and downstream chain of automobile industry. The Group consists of the Automotive Division Department, mainly responsible for operation and management of five separate units ----SHANXI VICTORY AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. GUIZHOU HANGTIAN CHENGGONG AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. SHANXI VICTORY HUAIHAI ENGINE CO., LTD. VICTORY AUTOMOBILE SALES CO., LTD. AND AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

      Victory Automotive Engineering R&D Institute exists around 100 engineering and technical person, 20% of them are senior technicians, while 60% of them are intermediate technical titles. The institute is equipped with advanced prototype, test equipment, such as the world's most advanced Germany GOM's ATOS optical scanner, WENZEL three coordinates. At the moment, they have successfully developed the minibus GHT6400 series, the cargo van s GHT5020eries, lengthening minibus V518, mini-truck V511/V512, the pickup S102, SUV S108, MPV M108 and other models.

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